Ecological linen

We use Finnish eco-friendly linen fabrics. The fabric cloths are manufactured using natural raw materials only: linen, cotton, and water vapour. The Saunasella textile products are extremely durable and are also very suitable for people with allergies.

  • • Durable and natural
  • • No chemicals
  • • Sewn in Finland


A comfortable and versatile robe for use in sauna and spa.

  • • As an outfit in a sauna, as a bathrobe or as a towel
  • • An intimate outfit for sauna bathing
  • • Linen / cotton fabric

Cover for the seat Grass

  • • Suitable for the Wood and Fortis chairs
  • • Comfortable to sit on
  • • Includes a place for sauna pillow
  • • Made of linen terry

Cloth for the Soft chair and footstool

  • • Easy to install and replace
  • • Hygienic
  • • Special fabric woven in layers, 100 % linen

Sauna pillow

  • • Relaxing pillow for neck support
  • • Compatible with the Grass protective fabric and Soft pillow hood

Pillow hood

  • • Pillow hood for the Soft chair
  • • Special fabric woven in layers, 100 % linen