Why the sauna chair?

1. With sauna chairs can be implemented a new and pleasant sauna facility

Sauna chairs need only a shelf level, which is usually at the height of the foot level of the normal shelf. The level also can be staggered, so that the chairs can be placed in different heights. Thus can be implemented seats at different temperatures. In an infrared sauna, chairs can be placed directly on the floor.

2. Sauna chairs offer comfortable seating positions and more privacy

Sauna chairs will give the persons sitting on them their own private space. A two-meter wide shelf fits four 50 cm wide chairs, side-by-side and each person sitting on them has their own, unique place. On the same size shelf should also fit four sauna users, but in practice only three can fit in the space. By sitting on just the shelf, a lot of people feel uncomfortable when seated right next to another person. Sauna chairs remove this discomfort.

Sauna chairs are designed to reflect the traditional measurements of the sauna shelf. The chair width corresponds to the width of a human. In children or people of small size the need is about 40 cm, for medium-sized people 50 cm and for larger size people about  60 cm. Chair models widths are 40, 50 and 60 cm.

The sauna chair depth sizing is also designed to reflect the depth of the sauna shelf so that for saunas of different sizes are available appropriate models. The model 90 takes the least space in depth and fits also in a smaller sauna. If the sauna has more space, in our range of models can be found a number of chair options.

3. Sauna chairs allow for changing of the order of the sauna according to various situations and the number of sauna lovers

In particular, for the general sauna it is good to acquire different sizes of chairs. The number of different sizes of chairs in the sauna can be easily switched according to the sauna users.

In case of chairs placed side-by-side, many people can be seated succesfully. In case of freely positioned sauna chairs, on the other hand, can be made less stringent groups of sitters and leave space for lounging, taking good use of the sauna benches. With the benches, additional seating places in the sauna facility can be also easily obtained. The benches are also excellent when the bath whisk is used in the sauna.

Construction of the different sauna shelf levels into various levels allows the placement of the chairs on different heights. In that case, in the same sauna is available seats at different temperatures. Privately used saunas can be decorated according to the individual needs of each opportunity.

4. The use of sauna chairs easily creates a variety of theme saunas, e.g., meditation, landscape sauna, star watching, etc.

Relaxation, contemplation, meditation, whisking, the story evening, a herbal sauna, a salt sauna or other type of theme that is associated with the sauna takes on a new dimension when the space is filled with pleasant sauna chairs. For a variety of events you can choose suitable chairs and place them in the desired way. For example, in yoga conferences, the chairs can be moved to one side and use a single shelf level.

Night sky gazing, or outdoor quiet nature watching from the sauna is a unique experience. The view out of the sauna can also be onto the swimming pool. Comfortable sauna chairs make the pleasure even more beautiful. Sauna chairs can also be used in the cooling off premises of the sauna.

5. Sitting on sauna chairs is much more enjoyable and ergonomical than sitting on the shelf bench

Sauna chairs are designed so that, when seated, the entire back is automatically leaning on the back rest. This makes the sitting position inherently relaxing and pleasant. On the armrests, hands can be rested when seated, but they also make it easier to sit down and to get up from the Chair.

Head posture can be made comfortable with using the pillows that can be put in either a special pillow hood or into a protective fabric into a special pillow alley. Both methods work, so that the pillow height is adjustable according to the size of the occupant. When the legs are lifted on top of the bench, the bathing posture is in a lounge position.

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