• Relaxation Lounger Wave Original

    A stylish Wave Original -relaxation lounger is suitable for a sand beach too, because of its separate legs.

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  • Relaxation Lounger Wave Solid

    The design of Wave Solid -relaxation lounger is entirely smooth and sinuous.

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  • Relaxation Lounger Wave Balance Steel

    The stonelike base of Wave Balance Steel -relaxation lounger gives the chair a modern nuance.

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  • Relaxation Lounger Classic 60

    The adjustable chair-back of the classical lounger is made of solid birch wood and ensures a comfortable sitting position.

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Relaxation Loungers

Take it easy on the relaxation lounger.

Wave -relaxation loungers represent a new Finnish design, in which genuine natural materials and the Scandinavian design are combined.

The seat of the relaxation lounger is made of form pressed laminated veneer lumber – birch. The sinuous design of the relaxation lounger ensures a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position. Thanks to the different possibilities of surface coating, the relaxation loungers are suitable for being used at outdoor-, interior- as well as pool areas.

Wave -relaxation loungers are available in four different models as well as a more traditional Classic -relaxation lounger.