Bath robe

A comfortable and versatile robe for use in sauna and spa.

  • • As an outfit in a sauna, as a bathrobe or as a towel
  • • An intimate outfit for sauna bathing
  • • Linen / cotton fabric

We use Finnish eco-friendly linen fabrics. The fabric cloths are manufactured using natural raw materials only: linen, cotton, and water vapour. The Saunasella textile products are extremely durable and are also very suitable for people with allergies.

  • • Durable and natural
  • • No chemicals
  • • Sewn in Finland

Comfortable and ecological outfit

The bath robe of Saunasella is a comfortable and ecological outfit for sauna and bathing purposes. The bath robe is a versatile garment: with it you can go into the sauna and go chilling out of sauna and in the same time it serves for a towel. The bath robe is an adequate option for those, who would like to take a sauna, but feel uncomfortable without clothes in the public saunas.

The bath robes are available in two different models (with sleeves or without sleeves).

The model with sleeves is available with four different options of fabric:
1) Brown linen fabric
2) Light gray linen fabric
3) Light honeycombed patterned linen fabric (on request)
4) White bamboo fabric

The model without sleeves is available
1) Brown linen fabric
2) Light gray linen fabric

Bath robes / model pictures